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Truth: Microwaving Does NOT Compromise LYCON Wax

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LYCON offers two sizes of strip wax containers. The 400ml tin is designed to fit perfectly into most standard size heaters. LYCON also offers all strip waxes in the 800ml container which fits directly into the LYCON duo heater. However, the 800ml container can also be microwaved and poured into a heater insert. Microwaving allows the flexibility of heating the wax quickly and efficiently and does not compromise the wax in any way.

Below is a detailed explanation as to why microwaving will not compromise the wax and can be used as a great option if needed!

1. MANUFACTURING PROCESS: When the wax is manufactured it gets heated to much higher temperatures than what you would heat the wax up to in a microwave for use.

2. LYCON FORMULATION: LYCON wax formulas do not get affected by high heat. They can be heated to 130C many times over, without affecting the wax consistency or performance.

3. PROVEN HISTROY: All LYCON hard waxes (also known as Hot Wax) and strip waxes are made with the same resins. Years ago, wax was recycled by the salons and they were reused many times over. This is not what is done these days and LYCON does not advocate reusing wax, but when wax is heated until it is fully liquid which is about 120C and when this was done many times over, even several times per day in between appointments, the wax did not deteriorate in any way. Proving that the wax will not get affected in any way by being heated in a microwave, or in a wax warmer when heated to a higher temperature.

4. GOOD PRACTICE: It is good practice to heat any of the waxes, hard or strip waxes to as high a temperature as a wax heater will allow for an hour or two to sterilize it. From time to time, dust and skin particles that float in the air can get into the wax, so to heat up the wax every so often on a higher temperature for some time, allows the wax to be sterilized and revived.

6. ALWAYS CHECK TEMP FIRST: Regardless of how the heating is done, always ensure the wax temperature is comfortable to use on clients. It is imperative the therapist always tests the wax temperature on their own inner wrist for hard wax, or on their arm for strip wax to make sure the wax is a comfortable working temperature.

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