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5 Ways to Grow Your Waxing Business with LYCON!

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Waxing has been around for many decades and continues to be one of the most popular services for hair removal. It is a high-margin treatment with low overhead making it one of the more profitable services a spa can offer. One of the reasons for the popularity of waxing is the ability to achieve superior results in comparison to other hair removal methods. This keeps the customer coming back as they see the long term benefits of waxing and they make it a part of their beauty routine. By following these simple tips, you can grow your business through waxing!

1. Adding on services

Waxing is quick and requires little investment to bring into your spa or salon. Clients can easily get a lip or an eyebrow wax while waiting for their hair to process or adding a leg or arm wax as their nails are drying. By offering clients the opportunity to add on to their spa service you can grow your overall revenue and keep your customers coming back as they are provided the best and most efficient service possible.
In order to effectively promote waxing, it is important to consider the placement of these services on your spa menu. The most popular areas for waxing are the eyebrows, lip, legs and bikini area. Listing waxing services nearby the facials might encourage your customers to add a lip wax or a bikini wax. Furthermore, ensuring that all of your staff is well trained and confident to discuss all of the available services is important. Often your guest services team are the first and last point of contact with your clients providing them with the best opportunity to promote additional add-on services.

2. Promoting retail

Offering retail products is a great way for you to increase your revenue while continuing to focus on providing the customer a premium service. Specifically, when it comes to waxing, at home maintenance is a very important aspect of achieving the perfect wax. Encouraging clients to routinely exfoliate and moisturize as well as offering solutions to common problems such as ingrown hairs is an effective way to increase revenue through retail sales. Staff must be educated and keen to sell all retail products in order to keep your message consistent and your sales growing. Consider staff incentive programs that focus on retail such as sales competitions.

3. Choosing the right wax

It is recommended to use both a strip wax and hard wax. Strip wax is excellent for the larger body areas and a hard wax is best for the more delicate and potentially sensitive areas such as the face, underarms and the bikini zone. Using superior quality waxes combined with the right pre and post waxing lotions helps to deliver a superior waxing service that will have your clients returning to have more areas waxed and spreading the word to their network. Waxes that are low-temperature, pliable and smooth, and remove short stubborn hairs will help you to achieve the best result. Additionally, it is important the waxes that you select contain skin-conditioning ingredients that protect, soothe and hydrate the skin, and do not create skin redness or irritation.

4. Offer special pricing

Offering a superior waxing service allows clients to see the long-term benefits of waxing and keeps them coming back every 4-6 weeks as it becomes a necessity to their beauty routine. Membership priced packages give you the profits up-front while providing your clients value for their money. To increase sign-ups, highlight the cost-savings and extra membership perks on your website, in-store and on social media!
Don’t forget the men!

5. Don’t Forget the Men!

Male grooming has been increasing in popularity and continues to grow as men become more attuned with beauty trends. Listing your male grooming services separately helps to create a non-intimidating environment for your male clientele and encourages them into your spa. Once in your spa, they can openly inquire about male grooming services and feel comfortable to then book an appointment. Men’s hair can be coarse and dense, therefore it is important to use wax products that are designed specifically for these types of hair. This will make the service virtually pain free, leave the skin feeling soft and will pull all stubborn hair for longer lasting results. Using the appropriate pre cleanser combined with a pre waxing oil to soothe and protect the skin will allow the wax to be pulled off with ease and comfort. Don’t forget to target males in your marketing efforts! Your female clients are often an effective way to reach the male market. Promotions which target female clients such as refer a male client, receive a discount can encourage them to spread the word for you!

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