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E-MAIL EXPANSIONS: Growing a Business Through E-Mail & Newsletter Marketing

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Engaging with your customers across multiple channels of communication helps to build brand awareness and increase loyalty. Email marketing can be an inexpensive way to share knowledge on your services with your clientele while also increasing your exposure to new clients. Monthly newsletters provides a means to communicate important information about your spa including announcements, new services or products, promotions, safety protocols as well as any changes in operating hours or staffing changes. Now more than ever, it is important to communicate with your clients. Below are a list of how email and newsletter marketing can help you to grow your brand and your business.

1. USE OF APPS: There are many apps (paid and free) available that will make sending your emails and newsletters fast and easy. Mailchimp, HubSpot, MailGenius and Litmus to name a few are available email tools that offer various monthly plans. These apps allow you to create mass marketing campaigns with easy to use design templates as well as ways to upload your database in a quick and efficient way. Scheduling tools can help you to plan your emails in advance. Subscribers also have an option to opt out. Additionally, the data that you will gain will provide you with insight such as who is opening your emails, clicking through to your website and who is opting out. Allowing you to further tailor your marketing efforts to increase your rate of conversion and click through.

2. CREATE A DATABASE: Creating a strong database can be challenging as you need to develop ways to gather the contact information to compile into a databse. You may want to consider having multiple databases in addition to a master database. You can segment your master database by current customer (perhaps defining “current” based on certain parameters such as active within the last 30 days etc.), previous customers and potential new customers. Each database will serve a different function and therefore what information you are sending to each may also be different. For example, if you are trying to grow your business with new customers, you may want to develop a target database of potential new customers and then send a newsletter or email marketing campaign offering a discount for new customers. There are ways to collect data through offering referral programs from your current customers or giveaways for people to sign up too. Also ensuring that you have a form on your website where people can subscribe to your newsletter and emails is important. It is important to adhere to all privacy laws and confidentiality when gathering data.

3. DRIVING TRAFFIC TO THE WEBSITE: Newsletters and email marketing is a great way to redirect people to your website where they can learn more about your spa and what you have to offer. Consider including a call to action in your email campaigns such as “click here to receive a promotion code” or “click here to sign up for a free consultation”. These clickable links can direct traffic back to your website and are examples of how you can generate more traffic to your website without much effort or cost.

4. EDUCATION AND BRAND AWARENESS: Educating your clients and potential clients on your spa, your services, products you use as well as other issues, is a great way to stay top of mind with your customers and to generate interest from new ones. Sending newsletters that contain educational information such as the best ingrown hair products to use or how to maximize your wax in between services are useful ways to keep your customer engaged and add value to your services beyond the wax room. Consider adding a blog section to your website that would have additional articles on industry topics and more information on commonly asked questions or concerns. This is also a great way to drive traffic back to your website through an email article.

Make your emails stand out! Include fun giveaways and valuable information that will make your audience want to click to open.

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