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PINKINI Brazilian Care by Lycon

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Lydia PInkini Feature Image

Lydia Jordane with Pinkini Collection


A blend of three forces – Science, Nature and Beauty! 

At LYCON, we have a long tradition of many ‘World Firsts’, and an unsurpassed reputation for quality products which achieve outstanding results. This is now carried through to yet another LYCON ‘World First’, the new PINKINI collection. At LYCON, we never skimp on quality, as we take much pride in being the best. Quite simply, we love exceeding client expectations; it is in our LYCON DNA!

PINKINI Brazilian Care is a luxury collection and a necessity, as Brazilian and Bikini waxing are the most requested in-salon services, which salons are often judged by. Successful salons know that providing the most professional, comfortable and effective Brazilian and Bikini waxing experience promotes client loyalty, repeat appointments and word-of-mouth recommendations.

This up to the minute collection is a game changer for you and your clients, as it is the absolute best for the easiest and most comfortable intimate waxing. The PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax is a finely tuned blend between LYCON’s legendary traditional hot wax and LYCOtec modern film wax formulas. When teamed with the nurturing PINKINI Pre and Post waxing lotions, provide virtually painless professional waxing. PINKINI Brazilian Hybrid Hot Wax removes hairs as short as 1mm and is perfect for the most sensitive skins.strong

Clients who have a tendency towards pigmentation…no fear, we have it covered with the effective and easy to use PINKINI Lightening Serum and PINKINI Intimate Wash for home use. With a fresh and calming scent, the PINKINI collection has been carefully formulated with an abundance of technologically advanced and natural soothing ingredients, which provide results beyond compare.

We can’t wait for you to try this amazing collection!

Launching at Beauty Expo Australia 26 – 27th August 2017 – STAND H124

Happy LYCON Waxing!!! xxx

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